Countdown to Petron

Just about a week to go, and I’m hoping the rest of you are as excited as I am.

Late in the day on the Dec 9 (Seattle time), the fourteenth (and currently last) of the Jessica Keller books will be out.


I really enjoyed that book, even as long as the story ended up being, for me to wrap everything up. Mind you, (spoiler alert) we killed Buran in book eight. How do you top killing a god? (end spoiler)

By starting a galactic civil war that includes the former Holding, Aquitaine, the Fribourg Empire, Corynthe, Lincolnshire, and Salonnia. That’s what’s coming. Hopefully you are all prepared and don’t have to go to work the next morning, because things will start crazy and keep going, all the way to the very end.

And it is an ending. I know I promised the Ambassador more Phil Kosnett stories, and I have a trilogy in mind, but you’ll see how they come about when you get to the very end and see how his story wraps up.

Remember, these are the Jessica Keller Chronicles. The tagline on book one was the promise I made to the audience (you). “She could win the war, if they would let her.”

It just took a while and threatened to destroy everyone and everything to get there. And you will see heroes fall. Some of them won’t surprise you, if you’ve been paying attention.

Other heroes will rise. Again, it’s all telegraphed in there across the whole of the previous thirteen books. If you were paying attention.

The trick with writing a series, any series, is to keep it interesting all the way through. If the author starts to get bored, the writing gets boring, and the readers put the book down. It’s even worse in epic space opera, where every novel must be bigger than the one before it.

The excitement must build and keep building. The stakes must keep going up. The threats. The risks.


Which is why you should end a series, and plan that ending ahead of time. I didn’t want to have the CS-405 books be part of one of the other novels, partly because 7-9 would have been HUGE, but partly because I wanted to tell Phil Kosnett’s story there, instead of Jessica’s.

The Jessica Keller Chronicles 

I do promise another Phil Kosnett trilogy at some point. First Centurion Kosnett. Possibly Ambassador Kosnett, just to tweak the real Ambassador Kosnett, since he’s such a cool guy in real life.

But we’ve reached the pinnacle. You have a week to pre-order, or binge yourself to get caught up, because Petron goes live on Dec 10 and you won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Phil Kosnett

    Yes, Blaze, write the First Centurion Kosnett stories, please. But if he does go on to a subsequent posting as an ambassador, let’s have fun with it. I’d expect him to stumble a bit before he learns the hard way that warriors and diplomats don’t require quite the same skill set.

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