The Indie World and Fans

So I don’t have a formal publisher. Or rather, I married her. Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm)

We write fast and publish regularly. I’ll put out 14 novels in 2019 and write 20. 4 Issues of Boundary Shock Quarterly. 2 Issues of Blaze Ward Presents. Turn them around pretty quickly, because the Canadian Copyeditor Babe(tm) works fast.

Nonetheless, errors creep in. Or rather, nobody catches some of the stupid shit I do. And it’s all my fault.

However, we live in the future, and it’s kinda cool.

When I put a book up on Amazon, occasionally I get warnings from them about errors in a manuscript. Those come from someone who had read it and then signed in and notified them of problems.

Many authors, I am sure, huff and curse when that happens. I know I did, but then I had an interesting realization. I can put out an updated version of the file pretty quickly. So it gets progressively cleaner, even as I thought it was pretty good to start with.

Fans, offering up suggestions. And making the book better.

That’s all sorts of awesome, when you get right down to it. They liked it enough to finish it and send notes. (Personally, I don’t even mind if you send them to me directly here, as they’ll get processed almost as fast.) Some fans might just stop reading when they hit something like that.

I can’t do this without you, the fan. Somebody has to buy the books. Someone has to tell their friends, their book club, the lady at the grocery store.

That’s why I give everyone who signs up for newsletter a new book nobody else has (Not for sale anywhere.) to say thank you to you people.

We operate in a strange future. Fifty years ago, you had a publisher, and they had teams of people. They also had years to work on a manuscript, from the first contract signature to the book landing on a shelf. And errors still got missed.

But those errors were permanent. You had to sell enough to justify a second run. Or maybe a revised updated edition if you got famous enough.

We turn things out that quickly, but we can also fix them that quickly.

So again, thank you, whoever you were or are. They keep coming. We keep fixing them.

(And if you want a paying gig, lemme tell you, most of the writers I know can’t ever find enough good editors. You can make good money getting to read things first. I have a whole group of folks that I just send novels and stuff out to, usually before they even go to the copy editor, because they’ll end up buying the final product, but they also appreciate seeing how the sausage really is made.)

Just thought you should know.