The sequel to Kid Lexington is finally coming out individually.  Expectations picks up the story twenty-two years later, in 1974. A 1974 with Nixon and Watergate. the Symbionese Liberation Army shootout with the LAPD. Bad ju-ju. Kid Lexington has two wives, sort of. And a pair of (semi-fraternal), super-powered, twin daughters who are eighteen, full of themselves, and ready to strike out on their own.

Everyone expected Elise to put on a mask and fight crime, or commit it, not Petra. She was the stronger daughter, the one with more power. But Petra is the one that wants to save the world.

But her family has some very dark and surprising secrets, carefully hidden behind a suburban facade.

I first wrote Kid Lexington as an exploration of what the world would be like for an All-American Kid who just happened to be Japanese-American. Nisei. Hiding himself but still fighting.

Now, a generation has passed. His daughters face an even weirder future: blue-eyed blonds with Japanese features in LA in the early 70’s, a time when people thought the world was about to come apart. (Sound familiar?)

Get your copy now and explore some of the history of the Modern Gods universe today.