The New Normal

Haven’t announced it all that broadly before now, but I have news. Weird news. Exciting and terrifying news.

As of late February, I am no longer employed by someone else. As in, I have gone full-time writer gig. It’s been about three weeks now, but the first one was at the Anthology Workshop, the next was helping Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) get her house ready for sale, and only this week have I gotten steady enough to go do stuff.

Since 2/24, I have written just about 60,000 words, which is a nice upgrade from what I was maintaining before, when I also had full-time employment. Also taking on marketing and administrative tasks for the Babe, so she has more space to out-write me this year.

The next Jessica Keller book (#7, Lord of Winter) is coming along faster than planned, as a result. Just about 70,000 words right now, but my days are mixed for writing. Add a chapter or a section, then go work on short fiction or the role-playing game I am creating.

I am also spending a lot of time right now on the secret project y’all will hear about in June, when it goes live and I hope everyone likes it.

It’s just weird, for me.

I’ve been a responsible, corporate drone for more than twenty years now. (Before that, a college adjunct, political junkie, student, or bouncer in a cowboy bar outside a marine base, depending on when you want to look.) Not getting up (and at 4am for the last couple of years) and having to put on nice clothes is not something I remember how to do.

And the cat’s really freaked out to have me underfoot all day. To me, it’s kinda forever Saturday, but she keeps waiting for me to go back to work.

Good Lord willing, never, and that I will make enough money this year, and in subsequent years, that I can be forever Saturday. You guys will be happier, because I’ll be writing and publishing more. I’ll be able to go after some of the other projects that always had to take back seat, like my sewing. The farm will be in better shape (got paper to burn and a couple of downed trees/windsails to deal with over the next few weeks). Plant more.

Do more.

So that’s my news. My exciting weirdness that I hope means better things. We’ll see.

shade and sweet water


West of the Mountains, WA