Going to Grandma’s House


it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving in the US (sorry for the rest of you, but go ahead and have some turkey and stuffing Thursday anyway, just so you can cosplay at home.) Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) and I were in the grocery store last night picking up stuff when it dawned on us.

Reminder: I live out in the boonies at the foot of the Cascades, thirty-some miles southeast of Seattle. I have deer that live in my yard.

So we had to get a small turkey and start planning out the meals. Paleo stuffing (without the onions and mushrooms that will kill me), cranberry/orange relish, Brussels sprouts baked in bacon grease, paleo bread. Etc.

We are NOT going to visit the family this year. My nearest close relative is in Kansas. Her nearest is in Los Angeles. We’re staying home and writing, because that’s what we do. (If you are stuck in Seattle area without family and want a quiet afternoon, ping one of us.)

But, for those of you who are going to Grandma’s house, this is your reminder that there is some amazing military science fiction available over on storybundle for a few more days. You owe it to yourself to go pick up several hundred thousand words of top-notch booms, bang, and assault mecha doing their thing. Dean’s in there. Kris. Tami. Keith. David. Stefon. Loren. Planet Bob. I’m in there. And there is a collection of Fiction River called Valor with eleven stories, including Lee Allred. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Many Americans take this whole week off, because three vacation days turns into nine sleeping in. Maybe you’re traveling. Maybe you’re just hiding behind the closed curtains. (You aren’t supposed to start decorating for another two weeks, so skip that part and start making yourself some hot chocolate with maybe a dash of something extra for cold nights.)

But you should be reading. It will keep you distracted from the nastiness of the world, at least for a few days, and we all need that, going into the holiday season. Plus, you might be able to distract your crazy in-laws or uncle with a story you just read, and not have to listen to their latest conspiracy theory on reverse vampires or Jade Helm II.

So go get the books. Or maybe you should do someone an early Christmas present. These will be gone by then, but traveling for the holidays is always stressful, so treat yourself or the ones you love RIGHT NOW. Someone can hide from the world for days behind their reader slab.

Go get Valor. Save yourself, your sanity, and the galaxy, all in one go.