I have committed a capitalism

And you can, too!!!

So I have mentioned that I would be putting up a new store to sell exclusive fiction. That happened last week and Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) has reminded me more than once that it has gone from stupidly complicated to really easy to set up a sight with WooCommerce on the front and Bookfunnel on the back.

Somebody did their homework and built a nice interface for me. I had notes to work from (ya know, adult supervision and all that) and was just able to put up two new stories nobody has read. One (The Great Biblical Reckoning) is technically a reprint, but if the anthology it originally came out in ever sold I’d be surprised, because the **person** who published it never paid me a fucking dime. (I have considered suing her just to make her go completely out of business, but it’s not worth my time. I will never work with her or anyone remotely related to her professionally ever again.)

The other one is brand new. Charlie Kills The Devil. Worse, writer-brain engaged this week and I’ve already written the second one. And it will be a really twisted series that I don’t know where it goes. (Those are the best kind, by the way.)

It took me 15 minutes each to set them up on vellum and generate ebooks. Another five minutes each to upload them to both the store and BookFunnel as a delivery mechanism.

Seriously. I have committed a capitalism.

Worse, because I have a backlog of stuff already published over on Patreon, some of that will eventually make it’s way here, plus I maintain my goal to write 40 short stories this year. (12 for Patreon. 6 for known anthologies. 12 for the Store.) Plus more. Stuff I’ve never published because it was weird. Or unrelated to anything. (Seriously, Charlie is maybe dark magic realism meets urban fantasy, or something. I have no clue.)

I do have a new outlet for stuff that I can do myself, without tasking the Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) to make me covers, or do any print work. Or mess with the novel publishing schedule, because I don’t “think” there will be novels here. (I could be wrong, depends on the speed with which I write this year and how weird some of this shit turns out to be.)

The future is upon us. And I have one more place where I can sell short fiction. Better, I make about $0.66/$1 cover as opposed to about $0.32 on the big sites, so it is worth doing. Not so much on the big players, since I make so little and don’t really want to have to try to make it up on tremendous volume.

So now we have Farouk, Charlie, and Quincy available for sale. The first two are series characters, meaning I already have both #2’s done and am thinking about #3.

And having a stupidly fun time.

Y’all enjoy…