I might be crazy (-er)

And then the cell network collapsed last night around 4pm as the wind started to howl. Power went at 730. EVERYWHERE. Lit a fire and went to bed.

Got up this morning and went down to Enumclaw for breakfast. And actual internet, with the notification from the power company that power should (“should”) come back around 8pm tonight. Maybe.

In between, I have just pushed the prelaunch button for my first ever kickstarter project. FINALLY.

SHOULD go live on Jan 19 (thursday two weeks from now), but I might have to push the actual button manually. Still learning.

However, we’re there. I think. Time for you to get your follow on so you can get in when this happens, as there are things that WILL NOT BE INCLUDED in the regular version released to Amazon et al later this summer. Get it now or don’t get it.

And tell all your friends!

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