I’m in a Space Opera Bundle!

The Cosmic Visionaries Story Bundle, curated by Robert Jeschonek:

What is it about space opera that makes us love it so much? The action, the exotic settings, the colorful characters, the alien species? The promise of countless adventures in the face of the great unknown? The excitement of imagining what humanity may someday become and accomplish in the vast reaches of the final frontier?

Or is it mostly just that space opera is so gosh-darn cool? The ships…the technology…the planets…the ray guns and laser swords. In many ways, it’s the ultimate escapist genre, transporting us to places and situations that dwarf our everyday troubles in every possible way. And yet, at its heart, space opera is all about us, about what it means to be human and how we can triumph over our limitations.

So, Planet Bob’s words above.

I am having even more fun this time, because I have TWO stories in this bundle.

First, I was part of the Space: 1975 Anthology with another funky space mystery starring Academic Cornelius Langa, who you first met in Boundary Shock Quarterly Issue 013: Solarpunk.

When Bob approached me about Space: 1975, he was looking for something with a very 70s vibe, so I wrote the story Players for him. Cornelius is a cool cat. Hip and stylish in a EuroWest future that managed to escape the dull weirdo religious nuts of the 21st Century and make it out into space. Hard SF, but he’s a cop investigating and solving crime. This is just one of his stories.

This story was even more fun because Bob asked me to write a quick cameo for one of the Kickstart backers who supported his project at a higher level. So the dude got Tuckerized into Players as ‘that guy’ who we don’t really talk about. Like I said, lots of fun.

But I am having even more fun here with the other title. Folks in my newsletter list and other places know that I have a whole new Space Opera series coming out starting this fall that is a full (and authorized, even) sequel to the Jessica Keller Chronicles. I even kind of promised it at the end of Petron, when Kosnett and First Lord Naoumov sit down in her office and talk about Phil’s future.

Skip forward a few years, and now I am telling the First Centurion Kosnett stories, where our man has been handed a Survey Dreadnought and a mission to explore Aquitaine’s open western frontier, just to see who’s out there.

At present, the series I think runs about six or seven novels, and I have the first four done.

Encounter at Vilahana is the first, and is currently scheduled to come out everywhere on October 10th. However, because Bob’s an awesome dude, I was able to include it in this bundle as an exclusive, two months early for you folks.

Phil Kosnett, Explorer Extraordinaire. And friends.

Ground Control (Command Centurion Heather Lau) is back, as are Stunt Dude, Markus, and even Sam Au. Plus a whole new cast of folks, living over in the Balhee Cluster, way o’er yonder and kinda cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

After Encounter at Vilahana, like I said, I have three more done and in the can, and I plan on writing the rest soon enough. (Needed a break, ya know?)

  • Consensus at Aditi

  • Hegemony at Dalou

  • Princes at Ewin

Plus several all the other stuff I write.

You can get an early start on First Centurion Kosnett, plus get nine more exciting adventures including Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Craig Martelle, Robert Jeschonek, and others.

But time is burning. These things are only up for a few weeks, and then gone forever, so you should jump on it right now, because you’re going to be too busy next week getting ready for back to school and Labor Day.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this deal. And have to wait until October, just to see what you missed with First Centurion Philip S. Kosnett, Republic of Aquitaine Navy.

Get it today!