Let’s Talk Star Dragons…

On June 10, the second Star Dragon book goes live (Birth is already available).The series is also available on Kobo and other jurisdictions.

One tremendous long arc of story, following two Yuudixtl criminal physicists and their various attempts to save the galaxy, after they’ve come close to screwing everything up forever by recruiting one of the most dangerous beings in the universe as an assassin for their boss: a human.

In a subsequent attempt to fight fire with fire, they’ve gone back to the well for the only thing that can save a pair of career mobsters like them from watching Marc Sarzynski conquer known space and subjugating the seventeen species of the Accord of Souls: another human.

Except this time, they’ve kidnapped a cop.

Gareth St. John Dankworth just wants to do what’s right. He doesn’t care that he can never return to Earth. Never see the love of his life again. Nothing. He’s got to stop the man who’s on track to overthrow the entire Accord and institute a reign of immortal terror if he gets his way: Gareth’s former best friend Marc.

Worlds will fall as these two men race against the clock and each other. The Accord Constabulary, the galactic cops, can’t stop a renegade human. The Underworld wants Marc to succeed, at least until they understand the price.

Gareth must do the unthinkable, and volunteer to transform himself into a symbol of power and justice that will drive the criminals back long enough for his friends to save things. He must sacrifice everything he has to save his new friends. He will become a Star Dragon

But a darker power sleeps restlessly. Fifty thousand years ago, the Chaa uplifted the various species into the Accord of Souls, before setting off to seek the Creator of All Things. As the Accord begins to unravel, and the humans trapped on Earth come to realize that they aren’t alone, the very Gods of the Vanir, The Communion. the twelve most powerful beings in the galaxy, return from their sojourn to put the Star Dragon on trial, as well as all of humanity.

I had fun writing these books. It was an intentional act on my part to make them all feel like a 1050’s Pulp Serial, like you might have seen at the movie theater on Saturday morning, in the era before cartoons and sugary cereal. I tried to make it seem like I was one of those stuffy intellectuals in tweed, smoking a pipe and prognosticating on what the world of the scientific future would look like, centuries hence.

At the same time, it’s me. There’s a man that needs sticking to. A world that needs saving. And a rivalry over thwarted love that will shake the very pillars of creation, destroying either all humans, or the entire galactic civilization, before it is done.

I also had a stupid amount of fun working with aliens and technology. Creating entire cultures that were part of a larger polity, but based on seventeen distinct species, all following a roughly humanoid, bipedal model and uplifted from lesser forms by the Chaa (the Gods of the Vanir) before they left.

Going into the Star Dragon books, I had a pair of goofball career criminals in Morty and Xiomber (“ZI-ohm-bear”) who first kidnapped for their boss the perfect assassin, and then had to save the universe because, as Morty said, “If I burn the damned house down, I don’t get to complain that I have to sleep in the mud and rain.”

This was a shift for me, from the Alexandria Station universe of Jessica Keller, Javier Aritza, and the rest. In that universe, there are no aliens. None. Humans are alone and always have been, due to some unexpected twists on Fermi’s Paradox and low numbers on the Drake Equations.

One of the ongoing questions, going back to Fermi and Drake, is best distilled down as “Where is everybody?”

In my circle of gamer buddies, the general consensus is that humans are probably the most violent, dangerous, unpredictable species in the universe, so the bright folks of the Accord of Souls have made it a point to keep all knowledge of other intelligent life away from Earth. Humans can never know they aren’t alone, because then they might find a way to escape their prison and launch a crusade against the galaxy.

Anyone studying any bit of human history cannot dispute that we make lousy neighbors.

So it became an element of mad science for how humans would find a way to break out. Why they would be a threat.

And how one cop would stop the man who had been his best friend in the world from conquering the galaxy, turning himself into an immortal, and ruling forever.

Just like those Saturday matinee serials, ya know?

Audio for Birth will be available shortly (however long it takes everyone to process) and Flight should go live with audio. The rest should have audio when they go live as well. I’ve got an awesome audio guy that I would highly recommend to folks. He’ll be starting on my Longshot books in the fall, if that gives you an idea.

But this is the summer of the Star Dragon. I hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll have a grand time enjoying things.

And thanks for the support.

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      literally the ONLY way I can get bookstores to carry my paper is to set the price that high. I’ve talked to several indie bookstore owners. They frequently offer 10-20% off on books they special order for folks, so they need to make some profit, and the paper folks keep raising my base prices. Talk to your local store and see what price they’ll charge you for a special order. The Sequel Books in Enumclaw is owned by my buddies Mike & Susan and will probably make you a deal.


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