Mid-week update a new Kickstarter project

Because, ya know?

Y’all been listening to me go on and on about the Corsac Fox kickstarter (and it funded with nearly $4000 in the end, so thank you), and now I have more news. Just wasn’t quite expecting it to come up so soon, and figured I should break and chat. (Plus, another midmonth newsletter this weekend, I suspect, to help carry momentum.)

Long-time fans will remember me talking about a thriller/action-adventure project I got into with ML Buchman last year. (And yes, it is all my fault.)

The Thrill Ride Magazine just went live with their kickstarter earlier this week. What Matt’s doing is trying to get funding for a full year of issues ($5,000 for 4 quarterly themed things, following my old Boundary Shock Quarterly mode, since it’s my fault), and went KS.

I was lucky enough to place four stories, one in each of these issues, so I have a large vested interest in his success, because I’ll get paid for it. That’s where you come in.

He’s offering all sorts of extras as part of the kickstarter, including a bunch of novels and things from the various authors involved. As of this moment (pause, check) we’re at $3,300 of his $5,000 goal with two weeks to go. (I spent more time finishing Corsac, obviously, and am now pivoting.)

  • Honor
  • Unlikely Partners
  • No Western White Males
  • Betrayal

The first three have a rolling series of short stories from me about my new Five-Woman-Band, led by a former Afghan Women’s Platoon combat veteran, a bitcoin billionaire who cashed out at one of the peaks, an actress, a music video director, and a scrounger. All women. All ethnicities, backgrounds, and styles. And three of them are women long-time friends might recognize (heh).

And those ladies will be back for more. I’m hoping that we clear the funding hurdle and I can start writing for Year Two themes, because this is a project I believe in enough to have been there from the start, egging Matt on and helping in any way I could, from the moment I convinced him to actually do it. (Again, all my fault.)

The last story, Betrayal, involves an English wheelman (car guy) hired to help steal a cherry-red Corvette Stingray that is a replica of the original from Mark Hamill’s movie Corvette Summer. And Boston will be back for more as well, because I had so much fun with him and Rollins.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to back the kickstarter.


We looked. None. Matt’s creating a new thing in the universe. But he can’t do it alone.

That’s where you come in. I’ll keep writing Fatima and Boston, but I want them to be in the larger context of creating a whole new pillar of income by helping launch a successful magazine.

I’d like your help in doing it. (And you’ll see a similar plea for $$$ in the newsletter I’ll send out this weekend, because most people need a little extra prodding.) Totally worth it, because I won’t publish these various stories before 2024. Maybe later, if we can get the magazine up and going, and I keep writing enough to generate collections of said shorts before pivoting to novels.

So take a few minutes and a few bucks and let’s launch The Thrill Ride Magazine into the stratosphere.