Star Dragon: Small whoops

So we didn’t realize it at the time, but we managed to set the pre-order for #3 and #4 both to July 10, when Shadow of the Star Dragon should have been Aug 10 instead.


And it’s too late to fix, so the discussion was just pull Trial of the Star Dragon forward one month, since we can then slot in the rest of the Shadow of the Dominion books one month early. Got them all done. Halfway through the copy edit cycle.

Note for the rest of you: this is why the publishing schedule is always written in pencil!

It’s also why I’m trying to stay 12-15 novels ahead of the publishing schedule, so that we don’t have to panic and can just rearrange March 2020 right now.


For the rest of you, the cliff-hanger than is Call of the Star Dragon can be immediately resolved with Shadow of the Star Dragon, instead of making you wait for a month. Shadow’s cliff-hanger is still out there, and some of you will be cursing my name, but these things happen, and I’m quite pleased with the end of Shadow, thankyouverymuch. It’s even better than Call, when you get there.

Audio might be a little weirder, but we can pull it forward as well, so those of you listening to the Star Dragon books (thank you, by the way) will be able to stay caught up.

For the fall, the schedule probably looks a little different. Maybe.

  • August: Trial of the Star Dragon (#5)
  • Sep: Hard Bargain (Longshot Book 2)
  • Oct: Outermost (Longshot Book 3)
  • Nov: Dominion-427 (Longshot Book 4)
  • Dec: Petron (Jessica Keller Book 9! And DONE)
  • Jan 2020: Phoenix (Longshot Book 5)
  • Feb: Princess Rualoh (Longshot Book 6)
  • Mar: F@#$ if I know.

I’ve got another Handsome Rob novel done. WinterStar and SeekerStar. Two Lazarus Books. And the popcorn kitten that bit me on the ass yesterday and has me furiously taking notes on a whole new SF universe from all the others.

I am also getting close to the end of an Urban Fantasy Book One that is going to be part of a new series. One of my Patreon fans read the short story and asked when I was going to expand it into a novel, damn it, so I did.

You will not have to miss a month. Never fear. There’s even a sequel novel to Rebels done and sitting in the can, part of a new series of high orc fantasy, if you like that sort of thing.

No, I have no control over the next idea. Just the publishing order.

So if you haven’t already pre-ordered both of the new Star Dragon books, now would be a good time, as they drop Wednesday.

Get yours today!

and hang on tight…