Thanksgiving cooking

We do things a little nonconventional, out here on the farm. That includes holidays.

American Thanksgiving will be this week, so Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) and I have been working on things. We’re going to spatchcock a chicken and then have strange fixings on the side. I’m allergic to onions and mushrooms. She can’t do eggs, dairy, or nightshades. Plus, she’s generally paleo, so as low carb as she can and can’t eat wheat, rice, corn, soy or anything else derived from a grass.

Tonight, we ate dinner from leftovers, and both decided that it wasn’t enough. Plus, it was getting time to start looking at what desserts we wanted to make for Thursday. She has a couple of fun cookbooks, so we found a pie crust recipe for her to make her pecan tarts in. (I grew up with pumpkin pie, so pecan just doesn’t do it for me.) Then she asked what I wanted.

I have been jonesing for a good pop tart or something similar. I can eat them, but have you ever read the ingredients label? Yuck.

But I could take the pie crust recipe, which was already sweet, and do things with it. Got crushed pineapple in cans in the cupboard. And the googles found amazing things when I typed in “pineapple pop tart filling.”

so we have four pineapple pop tarts cooling on the top of the stove right now. the crust is coconut flour, coconut oil, arrowroot, and maple syrup. The filling is pineapple, sugar, vanilla, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Gonna ice them in a little while when the cool down. (EDIT: frosted and yum)

All things you can eat without having to try to pronounce. Healthy for you, even. This round we messed up the crust a little, but we’d never tried this before and I was pushing the envelope a little, like usual.

But I made myself pineapple pop tarts from scratch tonight. Kinda awesome, all the way around.

What silly traditions or non-traditions do you have around the holidays, when it comes to cooking?