The Kickstart is LIVE!

And we’ve made it

This has been a long time coming, from the original idea through to actually launching a kickstarter to fund it. But we made it.

Now, I need your help.

There’s not a lot left to say at this point, other than I hope that you’ll like what you see and decide to back it. We have added a lot of special bonus materials to the project, as well as letting you folks get involved in the future of the series, by tuckerizing yourself or your favorite ship name (minus shit that will get me sued later).

Book one is done and ready to be delivered. Book two is done and in editing now. I’ll write Book three soon. And I think there are about six in this arc, but won’t know until I get deeper.

However, each story is entirely self-contained at this point, so you can read Flight of the Corsac Fox and not be badly cliff-hangered along the way.

We’ve got several interesting alien species. New ships. New cultures. New heroes and new villains.

And a brand new adventure!