Kickstarter: Day Two

I promise I’m not doing these daily.

However…  🙂

We went live at 9am Seattle time Wednesday. And hit our $1,000 goal around dinner time, so THANK YOU(!!!) for the help, the support, and the money.

The best part was that an “expert” I dearly adore IRL told me that paper never sells, and that she includes it mostly because she’ll get a handful of hits on a project that makes $20,000.

So far, of the 42 backers, seven of you have chosen hardback, and about as many more have gone for paperbacks. And a lot of folks have gone deep into all the add-ons available. (We bundled up several series as “complete ebook collections” for like $20, because I want to draw in more fans and readers and give them good value for helping get Corsac Fox off the ground.)

Plus, you can name a starship. (One person did, and might be one of my oldest friends and gaming buddies in the world, but he has a common name, so it might not be.) Or you can walk on as a spear-carrier, corpse, or even upgrade yourself to a villain role in one of the future novels. I got a lot of possibilities there.

Hell, I’m open to even crazier suggestions, if you’ve got some.

But on day two, when I staggered out of bed after an otherwise yucky morning, we were over $1400 and climbing slowly.

And that’s because of you folks believing.

So thank you. Simple as that.

I couldn’t do this without your ongoing support.

Corsac Fox

Shade and sweet water,


West of the (what do you mean it’s snowing this morning?) Mountains

One thought on “Kickstarter: Day Two

  1. Michael W Lucas

    Here’s the thing about “never” advice: never give it, and never take it. 😉
    We never know what people will take and what they will reject. All we can do is put things out and see what happens. I certainly never expected to sell 30 $200 special editions of a book, but here I am.

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