Winterhome and Star Dragons


Winterhome is now available everywhere. (Kinda surprised that there haven’t been any reviews yet. Y’all have had it for at least twelve hours now… heh.). Petron is due back from my first reader in the next week or so, and then I’ll fix everything she finds before it goes off to the Canadian Copyeditor Babe(tm) for her touch.

Due date: December 10. There will be other reminders and other side projects related to it as we get closer, so keep an ear open.

Now a side jaunt is upon us for the summer: The Star Dragon.

I wrote the first book, Awaken the Star Dragon, exactly a year ago at a writing retreat (One week, one novel.) It got hurriedly published as part of a storybundle last summer, but we never did paper or pushed all that hard, as I was in the process originally of writing a whole series to drop month over month.

That is what’s coming next. Awaken is being renamed Birth, and the series will look like this:

For all of them, ebook, paper, and audio will go live on the same date, which is another layer of awesomeness that I didn’t have as an option before.

Additionally, these are part of an extended universe, so you can get a head start on Gareth and read his first adventure: Patrol Cutter: Bellerophon! in Issue 006 of Boundary Shock Quarterly. This takes place several years before Birth of the Star Dragon, and let me set things up. Another Gareth/Sky Patrol story will come out in Issue 008 of Boundary Shock, so mark your calendars for Tin Can Pirates in the fall.

When setting out to do a story for Ray Guns & Space Babes, I wanted pulp. And not just any pulp, but that specific 1950’s American Science Fiction that you got in bad B movies and shorts. Noble/Bright and a touch innocent. Manly men with lantern jaws taking on criminals and throwing them in jail. Horrendous monsters from outerspace intent on kidnapping teenage girls for whatever it was they did. “Ray Guns & Space Babes”

It was a fun challenge to write Gareth St. John Dankworth as a 50’s pulp SF hero. And to introduce other characters like Eveth Baker and Jackeith Grodray, who were cops with a more 70’s/80’s bent to them. Worn and tired and grumpy.

I even got a fantastic review the other day on Amazon for Birth of the Star Dragon. 5 stars and all.

5 stars5 Stars as a “Tongue in Cheek” Complement to the Young Adult SF of the 50’s and 60’s

May 4, 2019