Write Stuff Story Bundle, 2019

So we’re getting close to the end, and I wanted to thank those of you who have already gone ahead and bought it. Hopefully, you’ve all started reading it and learning all sorts of useful things about the new world of Indie Publishing and how you really can make a nice living at it.

A side note: I’ve had the conversation more than once recently with folks who were some flavor of Traditionally Published at one time or another. Those folks have, unfortunately, watched all their income potential evaporate over the last decade or so. Median incomes keep declining. Royalty statements are down to three digits per month.

“You can’t make a living as a writer anymore.”

But that’s a load of horseshit. I retired from the day job in February 2018, and completely support myself at a nice living from my writing. Not editing. Not design work. Nothing else.

Just my monthly residuals from my writing work. And while I’m not back up to the income I had as a Database Architect/BI Designer in Seattle, I’m aiming to get there in 2020.

You can make a very nice living as a writer these day, just not in TradPub.

All of the folks in this bundle can tell you that.

The world has changed. It will continue to change. You, as a writer, a creative, an artist will need to learn to adapt with it. Become a new person every few years as the market, the technology, and the industry changes.

The old world is never coming back. I’m sorry, but Indie will eventually replace most of it. We will all become pocket publishing empires, but that’s one of the best ways to make money right now, and I’d rather be rich than famous. (See Taupin, Bernie)

So go look at these books and buy them. Or buy them for the artist in your life as an early birthday present. Writing with Chronic Illness. Writing Non-fiction for money. Understanding Kobo as an alternative to Amazon. Ways to make money as a writer and creative.

The future is now. But time is running out, both to get all these books cheap and to hug your favorite artist.

Don’t delay. You might come to regret it.

The world has changed.