Yer Gonna See Some Changes Around Here…

Went to a retreat last week with a group of writers. It involved a long drive there and back again, so Fabulous Publisher Babe™ and I had time to talk business, because that’s what we do on long drives.

The trip down to Oregon to see the eclipse spawned Boundary Shock Quarterly, for instance. Another drive created Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem.

So we talked.

I have a Kickstarter project planned for late November. Corsac Fox #1. (Just finished writing #2 ten minutes ago.)

And we just moved webhosts last week from a place that wasn’t all that great to a new company that puts money into customer service in ways that has her raving.

Last week, someone at the retreat suggested that FB and certain social media platforms were for old people. That youth might have an FB page, but it was to talk to grandma. (Ouch) They are living in other places. so I’m researching where they are, so I can get my books in front of them.

If you are under 34, or have experts you or I can tap, I’d like to talk to you/them about those sorts of things. I’d rather be authentically me than put on a facade, but that’s me.

One of the themes was engagement, and force-muliplying things. What will come out of that for this blog is that there will be changes coming. In fact, they have already begun.

I have a patreon where folks who pay me a buck a month get a weekly blog about life and writing. Lots of nuts and bolts, but other things. Every Monday, going on several years now. They also get the Anti-Stodgy/Redneck Chef newsletter monthly. (For folks at the $5 level, they get a new story guaranteed at least six months before I publish it. Sometimes a year or two, depending. You should join them.)

New stuff. “Fan-funded-fiction

This blog has kinda paled, with all the newsletters and stuff I have to write from a marketing perspective every month, but that’s going to change soon. When I post a blog to the patreon folks, it will be put on a timer, and come out here two weeks later. You’ll see the same news, but lagged half a month. Plus a few other things, but I’m trying to move to a space where I write it one time, then send it out to a variety of places, some of whom are paying and helping me keep the lights on.

This is your warning, when it happens the first time in October. Heh.

I’m also planning some changes around here. We’ve moved hosts, and hired a developer to make a much prettier theme than we’ve had in the past. And we’re going to have a single store where folks can buy books and things, but it will go over on the corporate site ( so we don’t have to do things three times.

And the goal is to put new fiction over there at the same time it goes up elsewhere. At least ebooks for now, with the possibility of paper later. Plus maybe a few collectible editions, like special hardcovers or the like, depending on fan interest.

Part of the Kickstarter is to gauge interest in that sort of thing, at the same time as I am still trying to find new ways to build up my fan base. (There are a lot of things I’d like to do, but most of them cost more money than I can justify, like additional translations, additional audio, or manga transcriptions of existing products. If any of you feel like backing those sorts of things directly, reach out.)

The hope with the KS is that we make enough cash to make some strategic investments. I’m hoping I can convince all y’all to help spread the word when it comes, so that we blow the top off of things and I can get crazy with it.

That’s all coming. Don’t know how soon, but you’ll see new functions and features on this website slowly (and probably quietly initially) rolling out. Be on the lookout.

And I really do want to hear from you. What do you want from the bw experience? What things could I do or add to the website that would meet your specific desires? Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a mind-reader. You gotta tell me. Using your words, because I also such at interpretive dance.

Clear enough?


Thanks for supporting me for all these years. I hate the idea of having to put on shoes, so writing is what I’d like my retirement to be. I got a lot of stories to tell, and I need your help getting there.

Spread the word. And let me know what I can do.



Shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA