You’ve got one week…

I’m in a storybundle and it will be over in a week.

New series. New universe. Heap-tons of aliens of all sorts.

Book one of an awesome new series, but this is an exclusive, so you can get started now and really enjoy yourself. I’ve gotten lots of comments from folks on how much they enjoyed this book and are looking forward to the whole run.

But I’m here with way more fun stuff.

Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) is also in here, and takes your old fashioned Urban Fantasy sensibilities and rockets them into space.

She’s got you covered, too, with a new starter set to take you through the whole range of the Huli Transport universe. Read more here:

From Leah: “Soooooo – You’ve bought a copy of the Visions of the Future bundle, right? It contains some of my favoritest authors, like Ron Collins and Robert Jeschonek and oh yeah, that guy I’m married to, and others! All good!

BUT – if you need yet another incentive to purchase the bundle, I got you covered.

From Feb 17, through Feb 23 2020, if you send me an email with the proof of purchase of the entire bundle, I’ll send you a link to the Huli Transport Starter Set!

What exactly is the Huli Transport Starter Set? It contains “Fox and Hound”, the short story that inspired all of Huli Transport. It also includes “Dancing with Tong Yi,” the first short story of the novel “The Immortals’ War” – which is chockfull of Huli Transport stories. There’s “Transitions” which is Ao Dan’s origin story. Plus “Teapots and Tempests,” a never before published Huli story. And last but not least, the first chapter from the novel “The Strawberry Girl,” which is a Huli Intergalactic story that takes place a couple of centuries after “Origins: Huli Intergalactic.”

This starter set is not available at any retailer. It is only available via this BOGO.

So get read and then go have some fun with the rest of her Huli Transport Universe, as she’s doing a special to get you set up for those Chinese gods out causing mischief in a wider, alien universe. Then you can go places like The Strawberry Girl.

Time for your science fiction to get wider, crazier, and way more exciting.

Go expand your mind. You’ll be glad you did.