Spotlight on the Introvert

So in this modern age, the biggest thing for an indie author is discoverability. Folks will buy your books, once they know who you are. If you have more books, they’ll give you more money.

But they gotta find you first.

Got up this morning and did a quick count in my head, just because I’m something of an introvert. (I cosplay gregarious really well, but don’t be fooled.) So I have this blog, which goes out to all the usual suspects and serves as something of a random welcome entry point to my crazy world. Kinda random, focusing mostly (as you can tell) on all the weird things that crop up.

Then I have my regular newsletter. Except that I technically run two of them to the same list. On the first of each month, y’all get the “Anti-Stodgy/Redneck Chef” newsletter (coming out later today), talking about all the things I do to stay young in mind as a way to stay young in body. Plus strange recipes for things, because the Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) and I have odd food allergies to work around, so I’m always tinkering and figure other folks might appreciate it.

Mid-month I also send out the regular publishing newsletter, about a week after I have published whatever things are coming out this month. And that can be a lot, as I tend to publish a novel wide each month, plus I’m now starting to publish short fiction direction on my website. (That stuff, by the way, stays local as a rule, so you have to get it here.)

Four times each year, I also have the Boundary Shock Quarterly newsletter where we talk about the most recent issue. The next BSQ comes out in April, so that newsletter drops about May 1.

Then I have my Patreon, where I do a weekly wrap-up on Monday afternoons of what I’ve written and what I’m planning. That part is free to whoever wants to follow me, with all sorts of unpublished fiction available to folks who actually pay me money.

Social media is a thing, but I keep it mostly to just Facebook for now. I presume they will turn into Angelfire and MySpace eventually, but I don’t know when that will happen and the other sites I have looked into are just cesspools of spambots and “Hot Ukrainian Babes” looking for a sugar daddy. Or something equally 417.

Finally, I just decided to do something to add to the crazy. As an indie author, I have to stay up on all things in the indie publishing world. And I get invited to interesting side conversations and closed door meetings, where I have to keep things private, but I am allowed to rumormonger as long as I keep it vague enough. So I started another newsletter called Milestone to talk about those sorts of things. (It’s the second sign up there.)

Mind you, I consider extroverts energy vampires that should be hit with a fire hose occasionally, just to keep them in line, but that’s just me. But I’m now almost constantly having public opinions about things,and let me tell you how WEIRD that is. I spent a long time constantly working to obscure myself on the interwebs. For the longest time, if you googled me, I appeared exactly once in the first seven pages. And I liked it that way.

Now I’m trying to be everywhere, because you never know where the next superfan is going to accidentally walk into your life and suddenly need to buy lots and lots of books from you. Hell, me and The Babe talked about doing a cookbook yesterday, just because I have so many exotic recipes I’ve done for her. “Things My Damned Hippy Wife Makes Me Eat” or something equally weird. I mean, I’ve got the non-fiction Business For Breakfast books already, so its not much of a stretch to do more. Mostly hours in the day.

So pardon this silly introvert if he freaks out a little from time to time at all the places he has to commit electronic graffiti in any given week. If would help if you all went out and blackmailed all your friends into buying my books, so I could just retire to a mountain fastness and plan my world domination while designing cool uniforms for my faceless minions, but for now, I gotta write.

Hope you’re having a Sunday at least as silly as mine is turning into.

What’s that weird realization that snuck up and bit you on the ass lately?