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Monday. Busy weekend, but good. Touched up the paint in the bathroom. Tweaked the sink to fix a leak. Little things. Mowed. Did a lot of Tai Chi. Got a D&D scratch game for a couple of players tonight, because they were jonesing. Not sure what I’ll throw at them, or if I’ll make it something extendable later. Old group fell apart and we’re still sorting out things for going forward.

It happens. Good table top, in-person, roleplaying games require a healthy balance of personalities, but they also tend to be a socialist/communist adventure. Do you really want the cleric charging you for healing spells? Or requiring that you convert? (How many of your friends would be okay with a Muslim healer in the party, ya know?)

New players have a “blow shit up” phase that they have to get over. Or they don’t turn into old players because folks don’t want to play with them. I have no interest in building some complex story/world, then having the dipshits blow it up a few weeks in.

Collaborative effort. If you only want competition, take up MTG or something else and stop bothering me. Conversely, folks in the SE King County, WA region that wanna play friendly games, feel free to reach out. I know a lot of folks I don’t play with because of timing or distance, but could still hook you up.

New day, new week. End of June. Middle of the year. I’ll finish Marrakesh #4 this week. (32k right now of 40k expected.) Probably write another Beckett Fernsby short story. Then back to the Epic Space Fantasy for a bit.

Looked at the catalog and realized that I need to write a Corsac Fox novel (#4), and a Science Officer (#14) and I have 2024 covered. Hell, I could empty the pantry and fill 2025 if I really wanted to. Need to finish those series as I go. Giles/Taft Station. Shrike. Thorson/Scour. Heather Lau. Plus the current stuff.

Thank you to all the nice folks you have had nice things to say about Derlyth. Planning to add a fourth to the writing list, as he has been well received. And a lot of fun. Halfway point of the year means figure out the back half. And it is always written in pencil, because who the hell expected me to suddenly write Epic Space Fantasy? (No, you didn’t. Stop lying.)

Past that, not a lot. Write, release, rinse, repeat. More words out. More money (hopefully) in.

And a glorious monday to have fun with.

Happy birthday to me. 🙂

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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