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I need more something. Sleep possibly, though I slept. Energy? Something.

Friday night, went to a 60th Wedding Anniversary party. Saw some folks I haven’t seen in ages. Ate, danced, talked, celebrated. (I might be almost too feral for that sort of thing these days.)

Saturday morning, got up and did three hours of Tai Chi et al. (Martial, movement, sword form, etc.) then drove way up north and sat in on a one-shot D&D game with some old friends. Ran kinda late on the back porch, then moved inside and they all ended up talking martial arts (which is usual with these guys.) Fourth Degree Black Belt in a Chinese set of folks (Taiji, Pa-Kua, Hsing-I). Fifth Degree in various Karate forms (mostly Isshinryu). Eighth Degree in Isshinryu. Serious big players with some combined century and change of experience in the arts. Ya learn a lot. Didn’t get to bed until 1am.

Sunday morning, I woke up at 6, like usual. Went out and sat in Johnson Sensei’s living room and had some coffee while the cat was on guard duty. (Seriously, 6 feet away, sitting up with her back to me, in case someone snuck up on her.)

Johnson Sensei woke up around 7, so we talked stuff. Sifu Stone woke around 8. Crane Sensei around 9. Eventually, we all went out to the dojo and worked until around 1, then drove home. Lots to do here because Fabulous Publisher Babe™ is having a long girls’ weekend. Spent all afternoon doing all the little things. And dealing with a grumpy, teenage (18yo) cat.

Still catching up this morning, but been busy. Went and had breakfast at Krane for some normalcy. Then answering some of the questions from the various senseis that were left over from the weekend.

I finished the fourth Marrakesh novel last week, then started the second Beckett Fernsby short story for BSQ. This one is a murder mystery whodunit, which is a new thing for me to learn to write. Practice. Always try something new with your craft.

Will possibly finish it today. Or tomorrow at the latest. Not sure what’s after that. Got a list. Need more caffeine.

Hope y’all enjoyed Reilly. I’m having a lot of fun with that series, and will catch back up with it soon, but June was kinda a wash in terms of writing. Did okay, but not great. Had too many other higher priorities, which is just weird to say but true.

More music coming. English Paul is waiting for me to finish the art to release song #2. And he’s working on instrumental tracks for #3, which will go pretty quickly. I need to record audio for 4-6 over the next month and get those whipped into shape.

Lots to do. Not a lot of energy this morning, but I have a mystery to solve and a villain to catch. Then a bunch of blackberry bramble to chop up with the brushcutter.

Hopefully, it doesn’t end up being stupid hot today, or I might just sit on the couch with the kitty and nap.

Y’all have a good week and don’t blow anything off you might need later.

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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