CONvergence After Action Report (#CVG2022)

Okay, that was a ball. And a really busy con (see image below). (#CVG2022)

If I count it right, I had 17 panels over 4 days, out of 22 possible slots. (Didn’t let them schedule me past my 830-930pm slots. I needed my beauty sleep.) That’s amazingly busy, but it worked. I didn’t have any time slots where I had the space to wind down for very long, so I just stayed on for the four days.

It worked better for me that way, because I could plan to stay on.

There is a place on 14th street, a couple of blocks from the con hotel, called Eggy’s. Diner in a gentrified neighborhood, so a mix of classics with some hipster touches. We ate there twice.

First meal, I had the poutine breakfast, because she assured me that I was close enough to Canada that they would get it right. (They did.) Second time, I had an omelet with cheese, spinach, and chorizo. However, it being Minneapolis, it wasn’t very chorizo. Still good, though.

Other breakfast was Nicollet Diner, attached to a drag cabaret. I ordered the Seriously French Toast (croissants) but got the Fabulous French Toast (see image). Confused the guy by ordering blueberries with it, I think, but it was good and not worth sending back when it arrived.

Not as good as Eggy’s. Still good food. Eggy’s was constantly having people show up for take-out or delivery. I mean constantly while we ate. And they were full up on tables both times, with a half-dozen folks running around madly to serve everyone.

That’s usually a good sign of the food. It was worth it.

Had my first “real” signing as a pro at the con. One person showed up with books for me. Others had no idea who I was, but got suckered into taking pictures of my covers with signatures on them when I wasn’t charging anything. I am not a Big Name Author, so I wasn’t concerned that I was invisible. The staff were great and the fans were friendly.

Also had my first ever reading. Gave them the first three printed pages of Captain Daring. In the radio voice. Fans later asked why I didn’t do audio books. Don’t got time. Hell of a compliment, though.

Went well, and I think they will have the video on their website at some point, with me #2 of 4 guys reading on Sunday. Think I did pretty well. Folks showed up and nobody threw anything rotten at me.

Panels were awesome. Had one small one (4 fans, three panelists) but several were standing room only. (Topic, not me, but nice to be up there.) And one panelist sent me a note on Monday thanking me for how I moderated things, which was extra good. I always say that I give good panel. Nice to be recognized for it.

Only a handful of COVID positives notified, and each of those folks were able to be traced. One was at one of my panels, but I never took my mask off inside the building for four days, and only rarely outside. Still feeling well.

Plus, you had to show proof up up-to-date vaccinations to get your ticket in, and only one asshole walked around without his mask on half the time, but he was exactly the sort of putz you would expect, if I told you obnoxiously privileged old white libertarian guy.

Best part of the con for me was how young it was. Sure, old farts, but LOTS of youngsters. Not a lot of little ones, but teenagers and young adults, frequently in rotating cosplay outfits with style. Good questions, sharp on things.


Totally hoping they invite me back next year. Not a lot of writers on the track, so folks who are writers and want to make the trek to Minneapolis in early July 2023 ought to be able to get on panels. The Con-Comm are sharp, professional, and friendly as hell.

Everyone was friendly. Hands down the best group I’ve ever gotten to work with, as a working pro in attendance somewhere. Would like to make this my home con in the future. That’s how good it was.

Still recovering from the crazy, so a little light on details, but connected with some old friends, made some new ones, and had a ball.

See you next year!