Luna Di Luna

So I’m in Minnesota. Staying in a suburb of Minneapolis called Eagan. Across the river on the south side. Yuppie suburb kind of place. Had lunch in Minneapolis Monday. Dinner and lunch Tuesday out here.

Last night, we got a little weird.

The Pizzafarmer lives in Minnesota. He was the inspiration for the Wilson Jaxx character in the original Nuns With Guns anthology. I have since written several more episodes, which will get published in the winter, as part of Boundary Shock Quarterly’s pirate issue. (Coming soon.)

So part of my trip was coordinating meeting all sorts of folks, some IRL for the first time (¾ so far).

Pizzafarmer lives way south. Like an hour out in one of the far distant cities on the way to Iowa.

He was coming up to take his car to the dealer, so we coordinated getting a beer afterwards.

The place was in Shakopee. Middle of a huge industrial part on the western edge of town. Badger Hill Brewing. Nifty joint

He’d gotten there early, and talked to folks about what he was up to. The afternoon bartender actually stayed after his shift to meet me, once he heard the story. I handed out business cards to folks, because I was there to meet the Pizzafarmer.

Then we sat and talked for an hour. It was lovely. And fun.

At that point, he needed to head south and we needed to get dinner, so Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) and I wandered around looking for something. Eventually settled on wanting Italian.

First place we went was line out the door and literally no parking places anywhere in the lot. Didn’t go. Probably good.

Instead, she looked around for something and found Luna Di Luna on south Lyndale (8820 Lyndale Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55420).

My guess is that it was an old Burger King, in the era before drive-thru windows (I checked the exterior). Looking at the front, they left the big glass windows in place and built up coverings to mostly turn the interior into a lovely cottage while still letting in light.

The menu was one page of food, one page of white wines, and one page of red wines, with your choice of Red or White Sangria. That’s it.

Food was amazing. Small wine bar. Lovely people. Leftovers for lunch, but not a lot.

Inside was amazing, but I figured it would be rude to take pictures. Instead, you should make it a point to go. Real cheese. Great pasta. Fantastic people. Not even all that expensive.

Way better meal than that first place we’d have gone to. So happy that we ended up trying these folks.

If you make it to Minneapolis, make it to Luna Di Luna.