Kickstarter: And First Stretch Goal hit!

Yeah, off schedule, because advertising kinda requires I mention things several times, in order to motivate you to buy. (I’ve read the books and seen the math.)

We funded on day one. And have now hit the first of a bunch of possible stretch goals for prizes and cool stuff I could do. You should sign up. And maybe bring some friends. (heh)

And there are a few high-level backer options.

Name a starship in a big cast of them. Be a walk-on part in a future novel. Be a villain in a future novel.

This is going to have a long cast list (people as well as ships) and I’m open to letting you have a chance at immortality.

Plus, in the Add-on section, I’ve consolidated a bunch of series down into cheap blocks, in case you needed to get caught up. Now’s your chance.